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Bird$ne$ting the Blossom Dearie Songbook LP Project

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Jaye Maynard sings The Blossom Dearie Songbook.

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The Blossom Dearie Songbook, officially titled "The First Blossom Dearie Songbook" was published in 1983. Musical arrangements were prepared by Mike Renzi.

Song List:

  • I'm Hip
  • Winchester in Apple Blossom Time
  • Hey, John
  • Sweet Georgie Fame
  • Peel Me A Grape
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Inside A Silent Tear
  • Long Daddy Green
  • I'm Shadowing You
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Jazz Musician
  • I Like You, You're Nice
  • Touch The Hand of Love
  • Encore: Jaye's Gateway Song to Blossom...a surprise!