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Bird$ne$ting the Blossom Dearie Songbook LP Project

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Jaye Maynard sings The Blossom Dearie Songbook.

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  • The Blossom Band

    Featured on Upright Bass is Leon Lee Dorsey, Jaye Maynard-vocals and Jon Delfin-Music Direction usually on Blossom Dearie's Yamaha Clavinova. Photographed at The HourGlass Tavern on W 46th Street, NYC. Leon Lee Dorsey-is an American Jazz bassist, arranger, and educator.   Read More...

  • KICKSTARTER Campaign Ends TUE 11/08/11 8:08EST

    Kickstarter Campaign Please check out the incentives, the updates and YouTubes, give a listen and a read. Consider supporting developmental costs for launching this show to a venue near you! Recently added incentive: Lunch or Dinner with Co Producer Dorian DeMichele and Performer Jaye Maynard to talk Blossom and the Biz.   Read More...

  • A Dress is Born-Barbie to Gilles Montezin

    Gilles Montezin is recreating in life size, Jaye size proportions this Mattel fashion from Barbie's mid-Century wardrobe.  Lucky me! He will also create a special bolero jacket to cover my own mid-Century shoulders since I am not a 'teen-age fashion model' in the Barbie sense of the phrase. I had my first fitting earlier this summer and will premiere the dress at the  United Solo Theater Festival performance in November.   Read More...

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The Blossom Dearie Songbook, officially titled "The First Blossom Dearie Songbook" was published in 1983. Musical arrangements were prepared by Mike Renzi.

Song List:

  • I'm Hip
  • Winchester in Apple Blossom Time
  • Hey, John
  • Sweet Georgie Fame
  • Peel Me A Grape
  • Sweet Surprise
  • Inside A Silent Tear
  • Long Daddy Green
  • I'm Shadowing You
  • Sunday Afternoon
  • Jazz Musician
  • I Like You, You're Nice
  • Touch The Hand of Love
  • Encore: Jaye's Gateway Song to Blossom...a surprise!